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“Here is my latest profits based on Eddy’s algo. It is swing trade results and I usually use 4hours or 1day timeframe”

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Fedemolee, November 9th - 2022

“Eddy’s algorithm is fantastic. I have been involved with cryptocurrency for about 4 years and recently decided to research an algorithm that can help me be more efficient with my trades. I can truly say that there is no other algorithm like Eddy”s. It has helped me understand the market and make smarter trade decisions. Thank you for everything Eddy!”

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Carlos, November 14th - 2022

“I have always wanted to take advantage of the rise of Crypto, but I’ve never known how to do it effectively. After a coaching session and installing the CrptoEddy bot, I now feel equipped to venture onwards on my own. My profits are proof I’m doing something right.”
Jane, February 18th - 2021

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1. Create a Binance account (or any other exchange)

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4. Create alerts of your favorite Crypto/Stock/ETF/Forex

5. Buy and Sell when you receive an alert (manually or automatically with a trading bot)

6. Chill and watch your money grow

I’m interested but I don’t have ⏱️

to manually manage my portfolio

We’ve got you! We are working on a solution to manage your portfolio for 2% of all profits made after each trade.  (minimum initial investment of $50)

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